Dark Chocolate Party Tray

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A delicious gourmet dark chocolate tray with a mix of our fine chocolate art bonbons of assorted flavors, our handcrafted chocolate truffles, and our dried fruit dipped in rich dark chocolate. This tray is perfect to bring to a gathering, a party, or to complement your dessert table and enjoy a chocolate pairing experience with wine or cheeses and fruits. 

We Offer:

- Our assorted tray with dried fruits, which comes with 24 Fine Chocolate Art Bonbons, 6 Truffles, and Dried Fruits dipped in dark chocolate. 

- Our Assorted Tray of 24 Fine Chocolate Art Bonbons and 12 Dark Chocolate Signature Truffles.

-Our Tray of 48 fine Chocolate Art Bonbons.

-Our Tray of 24 Dark Chocolate Gourmet Signature Truffles.

All the gourmet chocolates of our trays are made with 70% Venezuelan cocoa, the best in the world to ensure a deep rich flavor in every bite.