Thank You Chocolate Art Mini Scrabble Box

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Express your gratitude to those who make your life easier every day with our Special Thank You Mini Scrabble Chocolate Box. It comes with 18 exquisite dark chocolate art bonbons filled with assorted flavors and the words THANK YOU. All our fine chocolates are handcrafted with 70% Venezuelan Cocoa, the best in the world, to ensure a gourmet chocolate experience in every bite. 

Our assorted selection of flavors includes Dulce De Leche, Key Lime, Cranberry on Dark, Ginger on Dark, Cayenne Pepper, Bold Passion Fruit, Juicy Mango, Sparkle Champagne, Hazelnut On Dark, Pineapple Delicacy, Sunny Orange, Creamy Coconut, Guava & Cheese, Plain Dark, Nutella, Espresso Beans, Cookies & Cream, Cherry and Marzipan.   

Please allow 48 hours for this presentation.

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